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Driving theory test questions 2016 for car, motorcycle

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Theory test questions

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Car and Motorcycle category questions
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1. Section - Alertness Alertness
2. Section - Attitude Attitude
3. Section - Case Study Case study
4. Section - Hazard Awareness Hazard awareness
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Driving practical test

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Want to drive on the road?


Legally before you drive on the road, you must:

  • Have a valid, provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  • Also you must drive a vehicle which is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured

How can you get a provisional driving license?
Before you learn to drive a car, moped or motorcycle; you must hold a provisional driving license.
Note - If you wish to drive larger vehicles, minibuses or buses you will need to apply for provisional licenses for these vehicle categories even if you hold a valid full driving license.
Read more about applying for provisional license

Booking test with DSA - Theory test appointment
You can take your theory test once your provisional licence becomes valid. Even if you hold a provisional licence before you turn 17 yrs. It becomes valid only on your 17th birthday. You can book, change, and cancel your driving theory test appointment using online booking service by DSA or by calling DSA directly.
Read more - Booking test with DSA - Theory test appointment

Driving theory test, driving practical test fees
DSA Theory test fee for car and motorcycle GBP 31.00
For more information click here - Driving test fees

DSA driving car/bike theory test


Before you can start driving/riding on the road, you need to pass two exams conducted by DSA -
Driving theory test (computer based test) and practical test (on road test)
You get a full driving licence only after when you pass both these tests.

Driving theory test -
The theory test is divided in two parts; the multiple choice part and the hazard perception part. You need to pass both tests at the same time.
If you fail in one part, you would need to reappear for the whole test. Once you get a theory test pass certificate, you can then apply for practical driving test.

A. Multiple choice element in driving test
The theory test is conducted at various tests centres around the country.  This section is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the theory behind driving.
Multiple choice element of the theory test will be of

  • 45 multiple choice questions for 45 marks
  • One case study scenario with 5 questions to answer for 5 marks
  • The pass mark = 43/50
  • Time allowed to complete the test 57 minutes

This test is conducted on a touch screen computer. You need not have knowledge of using computer for giving the test. There is a 15-minute practice session for you to familiarise yourself with the test environment.

Multiple choice questions differ as per the category of the vehicle you're hoping to obtain a licence for. A question and several answer options will appear on screen and you have to touch and select the correct answer. Some questions will have multiple choice answers. You can navigate between questions and 'flag' questions that you want to revisit later in the test. You are allowed to revisit the questions and change the answers if you want to.

Case study style questions are presented in slightly different format. You will be a given a scenario, or short story and you would need to answer five questions based on the same.
If you have understood all the official questions in the DSA theory test question bank, then there is no need to worry. Case study questions are included to test candidate's knowledge and understanding of the theory of the driving.

Click here for more information about driving test case study questions.

The test questions are based on the official theory test revision question bank published by DSA.
Click here for more information on DSA theory test new changes Jan 2012

After an optional break of three minutes the second part of the test, hazard perception test will start.

B. Hazard perception test
Before the actual test begins, you will be shown video clip tutorial about how the hazard perception part works. This section is designed to tests your awareness of potential hazards whilst driving.
The hazard perception part is also delivered the same way on a computer but instead of touch you need to respond to developing hazard by clicking a button on the mouse.

You'll be shown a series of 14 real life video clips each about a minute time length, showing all types road scenes like city roads, country roads, motorways. Maximum score you can get for every clip is 5 for each one developing hazard, but in one clip you can score 2 marks for 10 developing hazards in the same video clip.

You need to click the left or right button of the mouse indicating you have spotted the hazard developing - which may result in the driver taking some action, such as changing speed or direction. The earlier you spot the hazard developing higher is the score. More time you take to react lower is the score.

Multiple choice questions vary as per the vehicle category, but the hazard perception test has the same versions for different vehicles e.g. car, bike, heavy vehicle, bused etc, but the the pass mark is different for different vehicle types

You won't be able to review your answers to the hazard perception test; as on the road, you don’t get a second chance to rectify your error made while responding to the developing hazard.
The pass mark for the car and motorcycle hazard perception part of the theory test is 44 out of 75.  
Read more on hazard perception test - tips, hint and information.

How to prepare for your driving theory test - car, motorbike theory test?
You need to study -

  • Official latest driving theory test revision questions
  • The Highway Code - Road rules and regulations
  • Traffic signs

While practicing you should give more emphasis on the understanding of the study material.

What we offer? - Driving theory test practice training material

  • Online preparation using internet connection -
    You can solve entire DSA theory test question bank along with hazard perception clips - Online with us on www.theory-test.co.uk Get instant online access for just GBP 1.99
  • We also have discount price driving test books/CD - Bundle price for set of 4 is for just GBP 16.99 - Click here to buy.

DSA driving practical test


DSA driving practical test information
Once you have passed your driving theory test, you can start your driving practical test preparation.

Driving practical test consists of following parts -

  • The eyesight check - You will have to read number of a parked vehicle to the examiner plate to prove your eyesight is fine.
  • Vehicle safety questions - These are also called as 'show me, tell me' questions. They are designed to check candidate's knowledge of basic car safety. Tell me questions - You have to explain how you would do something. Show me questions - You will have actually demonstrate how and what you would do to check/adjust something
  • The general driving ability test - During your test the examiner will give you directions which you should follow.
    He will ask you drive in various road and traffic conditions. You should drive keeping in mind all the road rules and regulations without causing any serious hazard to other road users.
  • Independent driving - This part to assess your ability to drive safely while making decisions independently. Examiner will not give you any directions. You will be asked to drive for 10 min without any supervision, and you need make safe decisions without guidance in unknown driving situations.
Pass marks for driving practical test -
There are different types of marks that the examiner can use to assess the candidate - driving fault (minor), serious mark (potentially dangerous), dangerous mark (actually dangerous). To pass the test learner is allowed to make up to 15 driving faults, but if 16 or more driving faults are made then candidate will fail the test. If the examiner uses a Serious or Dangerous mark then the learner will fail. Throughout your drive you are allowed to make a maximum of 15 driving faults to pass. You must also avoid making either a serious or dangerous fault; you won't pass your test.
Click here for more information about motorcycle practical driving test.

Once you have passed you test you can legally start driving on the road.

Passed your tests? Congratulations.
Be a safe and responsible driver.

We wish you good luck in your DSA theory test and driving practical test !
Warm regards



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