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About multiple choice questions part

Driving theory test exam is conducted at local Driving Standards Agency theory test centre using a touch screen computer. You'll have a fifteen-minute practice session before the theory test begins. Only one question will appear on screen at a time and you will be able to navigate backwards/forwards through the questions assessing answers and changing them if necessary.

UK residents must pass the United Kingdom driving test to obtain a full driving license. There are different test available for users of different vehicles from car drivers, to motorcyclists and HGV drivers. In Great Britain it is conducted by Driving Standard Agency (DSA) and In the North Ireland by Driver &Vehicles License Agency (DVLA). The test is separated into three distinct parts: a multiple-choice theory test, a hazard perception test and the practical test. It is necessary to pass all three parts before a full driving license is granted.

The driving theory test was introduced in July 1996 as a written examination which was updated to a computer based test in 2000. Around 1.6 million people sit in the theory test on an annual basis has a pass rate of around 65% and practical examination pass rate of around 43%.

Driving theory test -
Theory test is made up of two parts, both of which change according to the type of vehicle license the candidate is pursuing.

  • Multiple-choice test
  • Hazard perception test
In order to obtain a pass theory test certificate both test must be taken and passed in the same time, which allow the candidate to book a practical driving test. Validation of the pass certificate is for two years, after which theory test must be taken and passed again before taking a practical test.

Multiple-choice questions section
  • Multiple choice test element of the theory test is to be given on a touch screen computer system.
  • For car and motorbike theory test, 50 multiple choice question are asked at least 43 of them to pass correctly. Each question may have one or more correct answers and this will be indicated in the question.
  • One case study scenario with 5 questions to answer for 5 marks would be the part of this section.
  • All questions are based on a DSA official theory test bank of just under one thousand on a selection of topics.
  • The test allows 15 minutes practice time at the start of the exam to get used to answering the questions and how to use the system.
  • To answer a question the candidate needs to simply touch their choice of answer from the listed answers on the computer screen.
  • If a mistake is made the candidate can deselect a choice and reselect a different option.
  • The candidate is allowed to go back to a question at any time and can also flag questions they are unsure of in order to find and return to it quickly and easily later
  • The test lasts for 57 minutes and all 50 questions must be answered certainly. And the candidates with certain special needs can apply for more time.
  • To pass the test, 43 of the 50 questions (86%) must be answered correctly.
  • For lorry and bus drivers, 100 questions are asked over a 115-minute period, and 85 out of 100 must be answered correctly to pass.
  • Earlier to 3 September 2007, the car and motorcycle multiple-choice tests comprised 35 questions, with a pass mark of 30 within a 40 minute time limit.

How to pass the theory test - DSA official video

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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