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Advanced driving lessons- Become a safe, responsible driver

Britain's roads are getting busier and busier, and more motor accidents are happening each year as a result. There are about 40,000 serious road accidents in the UK every year. In most cases, accidents happen due to driver error. Driver negligence can lead to devastation. Most people think of themselves as good drivers, but no matter how old experience driver you can still make mistakes.

So DSA says- "There is more to driving or riding safely than just passing your driving or riding test. You should consider doing further training, leading to an advanced driving test. Passing an advanced test shows that you have developed your driving or riding skills to keep you and your passengers safe."

So get an advanced driving qualification. The more you know about driving, the better you can control your car in a dangerous road situation. High quality advanced training certainly reduces accidents risk very substantially.

The standards for advanced driving or riding involve:

  • The ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely.
  • Using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress.
  • A standard of driving based on concentration, observation, anticipation and planning.
  • Co-ordination with good handling skills.
  • The vehicle at the right place on the road.
  • Travelling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged.
  • Stopping safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear.

If you apply advance driving techniques

  • Fuel consumption will be better.
  • Level of stress while driving will be reduced.
  • Better skills will lead to safety on roads.
  • Your vehicle will be less harmed.
And you will get pleasure from driving!
Advanced driving lessons are not just for older, even experienced drivers also go for this course if they would like to drive more safely, economically, with a better consciousness for other road users and who wants to enjoy driving. This training is also ideal for those who wish to make their career in driving. Another advantage of advanced driving test is you get discounts on your vehicle insurance!

If you want to progress your driving skills further there are a number of organisations which offer an advanced driving test and should be able to offer you training and advice on how best to prepare.
Main aim of these organisations and advance driving tests is to improve road safety standards, thus making the roads safer for everyone.
Crown copyright material has been reproduced by permission of the Driving Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.
Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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