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After meeting an accident

No one is aware of the future misfortune, events or any other occurrence on the road. But some or the other events happen and the driver has to face those circumstances. It is very important to keep some safety measures from such misfortune and the occurrence. When you met with an accident on the road and you are not able to come out from the vehicle you must try to switch on the hazard lights and inform the other motorist about it. If you are able to move your car from the dangerous spot then take the car in the safe place where the roads should not get blocked and try to park the legal place to park such as hard shoulder. You can also call for the help line number or nearest police stations to solve the problems.

Try to gather some information during the accidents hours, if possible:
  • Try to note the vehicle registration number, with color, make and model details.
  • Try to find the date and time of the crash.
  • If possible try to make the rough sketch of crash car.
  • Take the note of the event occur due to bad weather conditions, any other ways such as poor road conditions, visibility etc.
  • Try to find out any witness, any evidence or any police officer has seen the event.
  • Insurance details for the driver of the other vehicle.
  • Make a list of injuries that have caused to the passengers sitting in and out of the vehicle and try to call for the help in emergency number and if anything serious try to call ambulance and police for emergency help.

Useful information after accidents:
  • Projected speed of the vehicles involved
  • Complete relevant description scenes of the accident with road markings, signals, and barriers
  • Get accurate information about the road circumstances
  • You should inform to your insurance company as soon as possible if you delay to notify them then they will not claim your insurance.
  • If you refused to give the information about the accident, damage property to the other driver then it will be a crime.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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