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Driving Theory Test Articles
Driving Theory Test - Driving test pass stats at a glance and few more facts 
Always be best prepared to pass your driving theory test in the UK in 1st attempt. Because according to most of the learner drivers and instructors, driving theory test in the UK is becoming harder and has become a challenge. Here are few facts related to the driving theory test pass rates.
Driving test: theory test pattern   
If you are a learner driver you must have to pass dsa theory test which includes multiple choice questions and Hazard perception clips. To get driving full driving license
Driving theory test: Test pattern and touch screen system   
Driving test uses the touch screen system in multiple choice questions of theory test part. Examinees are not aware of this sometimes. Get to know the working and scoring mechanism. And pass driving test!
Important features of hazard perception test
The government is committed to reducing the numbers killed and seriously injured on Britain's roads by 40 per cent by 2010..
Tips to pass your motorbike test in 1st attempt
London motorbike theory test is based on mainly two parts: theory test and practical test. Or we can say The motorbike theory test is made up of two parts: multiple choice part and hazard perception part..
Are you ready for driving theory test UK ?
Here we are giving you some driving tips vehicle in different weather conditions like winter, rain, flood, snow etc. You should follow our guidelines carefully. If you have any querry about driving theory test uk then contact us soon.
Why hazard perception skills are important while passing DSA driving test?
Hazard perception test, hazard perception demo, theory test, driving test info, hazard videos
About hazard perception test part in DSA driving theory test
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Hazard perception element in DSA driving theory test
Hazard perception test forms a second section of the theory test and must be passed at the same time. Integrating theoretical hazard perception test training into the practical training sessions will ensure that as competence is achieved in each of the necessary skills...
About DSA driving practical test maneuvers/manoeuvres
One-in-eight driving instructors 'not qualified' According to recent telegraph news - one in eight driving instructors are not fully qualified, claimed the AA, which demanded the Government force driving schools to be more transparent...
Are you preparing for UK DSA driving theory test?
Have you read a news of South Korean female, 68, passes driving theory test on 950th attempt.
New driving test
DSA has released new driving theory test questions for the Car and Motorcycle theory test from 3rd September 07..
Driving theory test preparation
If you are a learner, being taught by a Professional driving instructor is quite important. ..
Driving theory test preparation appear
You must take following items with you. If you do not, DSA may refuse to carry out the test and you may lose your fee..
DSA exam preparation tips
It is very easy to score 50/50 in this section, when you know exactly what to expect on the exam day..
Minimum ages and rules for learner drivers and riders
Before you learn to drive or ride a new vehicle make sure you know about the rules and restrictions that apply to you..
Reporting for driving practical test
When attending for your practical test you must produce certain documents and have an appropriately insured and licensed vehicle suitable for the test...
Tips on preparing driving theory test
DSA introduced the driving theory test in 1996. According to this test, new learners and drivers have to pass the theory test..
Before appearing driving test
Follow these simple tips and pass your driving test exam confidentely..
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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