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Car practical test

The main motive of the car practical test is intended to observe:
  • Whether you can drive safely on different road conditions
  • Can reveal the Highway Code through car practical test
How the test takes place

The car test starts with the normal eye sight test, some safety questions and driving maneuvers. The candidates are required to read the number plates at the required distances.
  • The number plates from the distance of 20.5 meters will be old style number plates.
  • The number plates from the distance of 20 meters will be new style number plates.

The candidates can identify the new style number plates because it starts with 2 alphabetic letters followed by numeric letters, Example: AB51 ABC If you are not able to read the number plate from the given distance then the test will not be conducted further. This will not allow you to take the car practical test further.

Part of the driving test will be taken for 40 minutes. During the practical test the examiner will look for the safe standard of driving with the set exercises. You will be asked some safety questions which will be based on “Show Me and Tel Me” format.

“Show me, tell me” questions for the driver’s safety:
At least two questions are asked about drivers safety based on Show me, tell me format. In these two questions one is about “show me question”, where the candidates has to show the examiner about the vehicle safety. The second questions will be about “tell me questions”, where the candidates have to explain about the vehicle safety check.

After completing the safety questions the candidates have to start with the driving maneuvers in which they will be asked with the 2 reversing exercises and sometimes an emergency stop.

  • Reversing around the corner
  • Turning in the road
  • Reverse parking either into a bay parking or parallel parking at the side of the road.
  • An Emergency stop

After driving maneuvers you have to reveal your driving skills through car practical test. The examiner will give you following directions where you have to drive in different traffic condition and various roads such as hill start, Angle start, normal stops. The candidates have to perform the way instructor has trained them. They have to perform 10 minutes independent driving in which the candidates has to demonstrate their safe driving skills while driving. The candidates should carry out the test if they have made the mistake because those mistakes might be a minor and does not affect the practical test. The candidates are allowed to make 15 driving faults and more than 15 driving faults will lead the candidates to fail.

Driving manovures: Help you pass practical test  Practical test show me tell me

Taking someone with you:
The candidates are allowed to take the driving instructor, friends, family during the driving test and can wait till you get the exam result with feedback.
Note: The instructor, Family or friends must be over 16 years of age and cannot take the part in driving test.
Supervise the examiner:
Supervisor of the examiner will be present at the time of your performance to keep an eye on examiner performance and not on the candidate.

If the candidate will not allow examiner’s supervisor then the test might be cancelled and the candidates could lose the fee.

After the practical test:
At the time of result the examiner will be informed whether they are passed or failed the driving test. If the candidates have passed the test they will be given a pass certificate and will be asked to send the full license automatically. Once the learner driver has passed the car practical test they can drive straightaway on the road without waiting for full driving license. If the candidates are failed they will be given some feedback about the driving and the candidates has to wait for 10 working days to re-apply for the practical test. Sundays and other holidays will not be counted as working days.

Bad weather conditions:
As per the Driving Standard Agency guidelines the practical test will not be conducted if the weather conditions are bad and the traffic lights are poor. The DSA will give you another appointment with no further cost and compensation. If the candidate wants to confirm whether the test will go ahead during extreme weather conditions can call the DSA for inquiry.
Crown copyright material has been reproduced by permission of the Driving Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.
Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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