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Hazard perception test - background

Hazard perception test is an important section of driving test. It plays a key role while actually driving on the road. One must know how to appropriately deal with the hazards depending upon the situation.

The hazard perception test came into existence since November 2002.
This test came into existence with the help of both the Transport Research laboratory and road safety division transport department.
Hazard perception test was introduced in the theory test to reduce the accidents on the road.
The Britain government has proved that the 40 percent of accidents on the road have been reduced by 2010 with the better understanding and knowledge of hazard skill on the road.

Hazard perception element - How it helps while actually driving?

Hazard perception test is the second part of the theory test and need to pass at the same time. In this part of test learner driver needs to assume that he/she is on driving seat and how he/she would react to developing hazards on the road. The test is taken on the computer and you need to pass this test along with multiple choice part. There are 14 video hazard clips in which only one video clip has two developing hazards. The hazards are common for small vehicles and large vehicles only passing marks differ for these vehicles.

When you see the hazard in the hazard perception test clips you need to respond to it by clicking the mouse. This way computer knows you have noticed a potential hazard on the road. Quicker response is better score.

While actually driving on the road your response would be changing the speed or direction. You can be safer driver if you are able to judge the dangers ahead and plan your actions before.

In general drivers become good driver by experience. It has been proved that new learner drivers get involved in the mishaps because of lack of hazard perception skills. DSA introduced the hazard test in the process of driving exam, thinking if the new drivers get trained on how to deal with hazards of the road before even actually driving on the road they would be better driver when they pass out.

New learner driver has to be very attentive while driving. As most of the times they are slow in noticing the hazards or lack in judging the seriousness of hazards. Introduction of the hazard in the theory and practical test has made it easier for the new learner driver to learn and understand the hazards concept. If you know what dangers there would be, you are better prepared with plan/actions.

Hazard perception test in DSA test aims to achieve the same.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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