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Importance of using head rest while driving

To maintain your driving safety you have to pay attention towards your headrests. It is a most valuable tool like seatbelts and airbags. You have to be comfortable towards your headrests while driving.

Headrests are specially designed to work with seatbelts. Headrests of modern cars are height adjustable and are finished with same materials as seat. They are designed to prevent the head from snapping backwards and causing whiplash, so reducing the chances of fatal neck injuries during accidents.

In all safety studies, statistics have proven over and over that due to poorly designed headrests and improperly adjusted headrests, neck injuries are very high, even in the most minor accidents. In most front/rear crashes, the head moves and twists on the neck.

headrest while driving a car

How to adjust head rest?

The Position of the headrest is important to allow you better posture and reduce the risk of neck injuries. The headrest should be about 1 inch from the back of your head, when sitting in the normal driving position, to absorb shock. It is also important as it means that your neck muscles and ligaments are controlling the posture of your head, giving better support in the case of an accident. Headrest should not be kept behind neck as this may cause serious neck injuries during accidents.

In 2004 the Prudential Car Insurance Company released the findings of a study (of 2,000 people) into how we sit in a car. 61% don't have their headrest at the right angle when driving, which could cause rupture of spinal ligaments or worse in bad accidents; Many experienced drivers who check their headrest regularly still don't have a idea whether it was correct or not.

Sometimes due to incorrect adjustment of headrest can cause neck pain in minor cases and permanent disability or even death in extreme cases.

Prevention is better than cure. Sit comfortably, drive relaxed.
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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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