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Seat belts: safety measures

Seat belt is one of the most important safety features of a car. When you are traveling in the car you must wear the seat belt as it is compulsory and very ethical as per the law. When you are driving in the country like United Kingdom there are certain rules and regulation which every drivers has to follow throughout their driving career. One of the essential law is about to wear the seat belt.
What is the purpose of wearing the seat belt?

The important purpose to wear the seat belt is safety. It is automatically fitted to the driver's and easy to use. It provides with high level of protection during the time of mishaps on the road. There are people who still neglect to wear the seat belt because they try to ignore the safety of seat belt.

Seat belts helps to reduce the risk of injuries happen to the person and it is fact that it helps in saving the life.

According to the law:
  • By law the person sitting in the car with steering wheel in hand must wear the seat belt.
  • If children’s are sitting in front seat must wear the seat belts.
  • The children’s who are 12 years old and has a heights of 135 centimeters tall can wear the adult seat belt. Types depend upon the child’s weight.
  • There are certain exceptions for the children’s who are less in height and weight.
Note: Never carry the child on the lap or make use of single seat belts for two passengers.

You are exempted from the seat belt:
  • If the vehicle is used for police, fire and rescue services
  • A licensed taxi driver who are 'plying for hire' or carrying passenger
  • If you are carrying goods in the vehicle and driving in 50 meters distance for deliveries
  • You are also exempted if you have any medical reason. You must carry a medical certificate in which it is clearly mention about the reason.
  • The pregnant women are exempted if they carry the medical certificate as a proof to stay away from seat belt
  • Disabled people must hold the exempt certificate from the doctor as a proof to stay away from seat belt

Tips for using the seat belt -
  • Always wear the seat belt which is properly fitted to the body. It should not be twisted of folded from any side.
  • The seat belt is designed in such a way that it lie across the chest over the shoulder and away from neck.
  • Never use the adult belt for children’s and should never wear the single seat belt for the two people at the time.
  • The driver must ensure that children's less than 14 years of age must wear the seat belt and sit in the child restraint.
  • Always ensure that your car has air bags which play another important role for safety in the car.
  • Make sure that the seat belt is properly attached to the seat and body which has to be secured and locked to its base before starting the engine.
seat belt
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