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Multiple choice questions, hazard perception test

To get the full driving license in the United Kingdom you need to pass driving test. If you are keen to learn driving you have to pass your driving theory test and driving practical test. Both tests are important to get the full driving license.


What is driving theory test?
Driving theory test is an important part of learning to driver process. If you are new learner driver and eager to drive on the road then you must pass the driving theory test first. Theory test has two parts one is multiple choice questions and hazard perception test. Both the parts of theory test need to be passed at the same DSA. If you passed in one part and failed in another you will be failed in the entire driving theory test. You have to take a theory test again to get the driving license. The total cost of the theory test is £31

A. Multiple choice element in theory test

  • Theory test can be taken at the various test centers around the country.
  • It is computer based test.
  • It is very easy to use a touch screen computer to give a theory test.
  • Theory section is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding behind the actual concept of driving.
  • Before you start your driving theory test there will be little instructions about the test and you will be given approximately 15 minutes time to practice your theory test.
  • There will be a practice session with multiple choice questions to familiarize you with the actual test ahead.
  • After your practice session the real test begins. If you face any problem regarding the computer screen in the test centers then the test center staff can help you and sort your problems.
  • Overall there will be 57 minutes to complete your car and motorcycle theory test. And 70 minutes for Lorries and busses.
  • The questions asked in the exam depend upon the vehicle category you have applied for your driving license. If you have applied for a car driving license then theory questions will be asked only about the car and if you applied for motorcycle then the question will appear only about the motorcycle test.
  • There will be general questions which are common to car and bike test.
  • There will be several answer options on the computer screen where the learner need touch the computer screen to select correct answer to the particular question. Some questions need more than one answer.
  • You can answer the question the way you want and can “flag” the question you want to answer later.
  • For car and motorcycle theory test there will be overall 50 questions where you have to answer 45 multiple choice questions and 5 questions for case study.
  • And you need to score minimum 43 marks to pass.
  • For lorries and buses total 100 questions are asked in the test and need to get 85 marks to pass.
  • After the completion of the multiple choice questions part you will be given three minutes break before you start with the hazard perception section.
B. Hazard perception test
After the break you'll then be shown a short tutorial video clip about how the hazard perception part works.
  • The hazard perception test is the second part of driving theory test and need to pass at the given period of time.
  • The hazard clips are displayed on the computer screen and you have to respond by clicking the mouse buttons.
  • In hazard perception test the main concept is to test the knowledge of potential hazard while driving.
  • There will be 14 video clips for one minute each and these video are related to road scenes hazards.
  • There will be one developing hazard in each clip only one clip has two developing hazard.
  • The video clips depend upon the various road, vehicles and pedestrians hazards.
  • You need to respond the developing hazard as soon as you identify and achieve the score higher.
  • There are 5 marks for each hazard and 15 score able hazards in the test.
  • Like multiple choice questions there will be no separate category for vehicles in hazard perception test. The hazards are same for car, motorcycle, lorries, buses etc.
  • The scoring marks differ from multiple choice questions. For car and motorcycle you need to score 44 marks to pass out of 75 and for large vehicle you need to get 50 out of 75.
Free online theory test
Actual DSA theory test screen Actual hazard perception test screen

At the end of the DSA test
At the end of the test you can wait in the waiting room to give the customer survey questions if interested. There is no compulsion to give the answer for the customer survey. It will not affect your theory test exam marks. If you want you can leave the exam hall and get the pass certificate from the test center staff.
Note: If you pass the theory test you need to keep the certificate safely because it is needed when you book your practical test. Pass theory test certificate are valid till two years of passing the test and if you are enable to attend your practical test within two year then you have to take your theory test again.

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Get instant FREE access to 140+ official DSA theory test questions and hazard perception clips.

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